Thursday, August 13, 2009

Live Writer, I hope! Doctor. Again

I finally fiddled around with Live Writer again, and got it going, but this is my first try at it. I am tired of herding, chasing and lassoing my pictures when they don’t “Down & Stay”, like untrained pups. Now I will have to read up on the roping directions, as I can’t even get my pictures to come out of the barn.

Ray and I got the drapes hung in the Mirage, and a few other time consuming little jobs.

I had a terrible night with this sinusitis last night. I would wake up coughing about every two hours, with my head stuffed up, and couldn't blow my nose or go back to sleep. TCM seems to be the only channel that doesn’t go to infomercials in the night, so I saw a lot of Clark Gable.

I made up my mind that I wasn’t going to put up with this until my appointment with the ENT doctor on the 18th. So my doctor saw me, and had her assistant give me two more shots in the derriere. One shot hurt like the dickens all the way down to my heel for about half an hour. It didn’t hurt like that when they gave them to me last time. And I get two more tomorrow!!

As this is a Live Writer test, that's all for today.

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