Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Surprise Party!! Two Doctor's Reports.

Last night, on the http://www.rvdreams.com/ chat room, the chatters gave me a surprise birthday party!! There were sirens, whistles, gongs, cars, planes, screams, giggles and all the noises that are able to be made in the chat room sound line-up, and even 'Chip' and 2 'Dales' signed on. ( I still don't know who that was). It was hilarious, lots of virtual drinks, virtual dancing, and a good time was had by all. I hadn't expected this at all, and a friend in KY had to IM me to ask me when I was going to be in the room. Thanks Folks, I have never had such a fuss made over me!

This morning I got a large carrier down from the attic for Bobbiecat. I didn’t want her to be cramped up in a normal cat-size one. I lined it with her soft pillow, and got it in the van. Then I took her out there, gently put her in it, and seat-belted it in. She thought she was going camping, so she didn’t fuss. Jay, all sobered up again, wanted to go with me as he had a prescription in the next town to pick up for his mother.
When we got in the exam room, I unscrewed the little plastic nuts and bolts out of the carrier to take the top off, so that we didn't have to drag Bobbie out of there. She stayed on her cushion for most of the exam, except when the Vet Tech took Bobbie's temperature and weighed her. The lady vet examined Bobbie, and confirmed that the pain was under her left arm, and around the elbow. So they took her again and X-rayed her. The BB is still there, but that was not the problem. The diagnosis is that she has severe arthritis in that joint, and they showed me the little fragments that are hurting her, on the X-ray. They put her on 1/4 tablet Prednisone once a day, for three weeks, to see if she improves. If she doesn’t, she will have to have that arm amputated. So her break dancing days are over at 14 years old!

We brought Bobbie back home, gave her the medicine, had a bite of lunch and took off for The Woodlands, TX, that's south of here, on the way to Houston. We left early for my ENT doctor appointment, as we had some stops to make on the way. Because I got there early, I was seen early. The doctor's assistant took my blood pressure with a new type of machine, on my wrist!! The ENT doctor examined my Ears, Nose and Throat, how about that!! He said the best thing that I had done was the homemade nasal rinse. He looked at my Cat Scan, and said that I have cysts in my sinuses, and to keep up with the rinses. That was it!

I hope the pill will make Bobcat feel better today.

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