Thursday, August 6, 2009

Door Screen. Mock up of drapes.

We only had 1-1/4 hour to work today, as Ray had to pick up Shay from her job.

I had pinned the drapes temporarily to see if they were going to be long enough. The header seams aren't in yet. I strung elastic through the top with a bodkin, and tied it to the eye hooks, just to get an idea of how it should be sewn.

As the screen was missing, we unscrewed the inside frame off the Mirage door window, and got some fiberglass screen and the spline tool going. Fortunately, the old spline was in good shape as I don't have any that narrow. Screwed the frame back on, and voila!

I spent a lot of time using some of the pictures that I had taken of things for sale, and got the items listed on our local You might have one of their affiliates near you, as they have them all over the county, see this map: If they don't have one near you, you can petition for one. Everything sells eventually!

Jay had built a pen for the tortoise that he found, and wanted me to see if I thought it would be big enough. The tortoise seemed to remember me, and I found him some dandelions.

Summer is here , and we need to be careful with our pets, here are some summertime tips:

I just went outside to measure an item for an ad, and Oh, Golly is it hot today!!

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