Tuesday, August 4, 2009

More Un-Shopping & Shopping. 50 Fish, 50 States.

Jay and Ray were not going to be here today. Jay and Claudia were going to their doctors. Ray was taking Shay to two of hers. I went to the lake to feed the fish and ducks our scraps, and then took off to the next town.
I heard that Target has a baby 7" Haier TV on sale this week, ($94) and I have been looking for one that is 110v, 12v, and battery. I read the reviews about it, and the Axion, but this one is available at the store. While I was poking around in the reviews I came across this, which could come in very handy while traveling: http://www.fcc.gov/mb/engineering/maps/ It tells you what stations you should receive, and the strength, no matter where you are. http://www.antennaweb.org/aw/Welcome.aspx is another one. I will use a little solar panel for using the TV during any long power outages we may have, which I hope will not be necessary!!

I had to go to Home Depot next door to Target, anyway. I had bought several different strippers for re-doing the birch paneling inside the Coronado, and even some shellac, so that all had to be returned. While I was there, I bought the right acorn nuts for the Mirage as our local hardware store was out of that size, and I had bought push-nuts there, which won't be the same.

I stopped at several places as I am trying to find something that seems to have gone the way of the dinosaurs. Years ago they sold curtain rods made of a thin spring. It was so that you could put curtains up in small places, like a door with a window. Being a spring you could adjust it to the length you needed. That is what I really needed for the Mirage, due to the curves up there. We have installed hooks to make the curves. I never did find any, not even on eBay, then I realized that I could use some thin bungee cord stretch rope.

I never thought that they could do it, but they did. http://www.fish5050.com/Hawaii.html

I walked a lot of miles, so you can tell I am more limber today!

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