Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Mirage, Pathway. Rainforests for Biodiesel??

Another hot day with no more rain in sight. Ray and I started by putting the little acorn nuts on the eyebolts that we had to install through the fiberglass of the Mirage, to hold up the drapes in there. It gives it a more finished look. We had installed them with butyl putty, and now added a thin layer of Dicor sealant around them, so there would be no leaks. I have never seen a picture of a Mirage with drapes in the top windows, so I don't know how one is supposed to install any with all those compound curves. I just know that I wanted some up there!

As there was shade on the pathway, this was a good time to paint the 4x4's holding the pathway in place.

Then we tried to tackle the wobbly mirror on the passenger side. We took the inside door panel off, but we still couldn't get to the top bolt, which was the problem. We tried and tried, but there was no way to get to it. In desperation, we have tried to stabilize the mirror with some Bondo. It will look a lot better when we paint it and take the masking tape off!

We had to do some work to the dog room AC, it seemed like it was dripping the condensation in the wrong place.

Here is another view about Biodiesel:
""Do be aware that biodiesel may or may not be the greatest environmental idea. Many environmental "improvements" sound good and are given hype for a variety of reasons that may actually be unrelated to the underlying science. For example, Europe widely offers biodiesel in service stations. Much of Europe's biodiesel is manufactured from soybean oil. So far, no bad.

In about 2000, soybean varieties were developed that could grow efficiently in tropical conditions. Before then, it was a temperate climate only crop. Brazil is now one of the worlds largest exporters of soybeans (and soy oil). Europe imports much of their soy beans from Brazil. The Amazon rain forest is being decimated to create crop land to grow soy beans. Now, that's not so good, right? Don't believe me? See the National Geographic January 2007 issue.<>
Might be nice to leave some of the tropical forests for your kids and grandkids, too...
Pete Masterson.""

So that's the thought for today.

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