Tuesday, September 1, 2009

No AC Needed!! "Pretty" Goes to Vet.

I knew that I would be in a rush mode this morning, so I didn't even open the patio door going to the screen porch to let the cats out there. I didn't even let them out of the dog room. Patches can be difficult to 'herd' back to where you want her. I knew I didn't have the time to fool with that this morning.

I was going to meet another SPCA foster mom at 8.00 AM in the next town with Pretty, the little Siamese, for her health check up, and possible spaying. The foster mom was taking some other animals to the vet in another town even further away. As one cat wasn't going today, that left an opening for Pretty. She will have to be here in "Post-Op" for a week, if she gets spayed today. I say IF, as we don't know if that has already been done. Kittens can be spayed and neutered when they are over 2lb.

Pretty, obviously, hasn't spent much time in a carrier, and was clawing frantically trying to get out. But as long as I reached back to the strapped-in carrier in the back seat, while driving, touched the door of the carrier, she would rub my hand with her little face, as if to say, "I just want to be out there on your lap".

When she was transferred to the back of the other foster mom's SUV, she looked at me as if to say " Where am I going? I want to stay with you". She is going to be a very loving little pet for some forever home.

It seemed so strange, I had to keep on turning up the AC temperature in the van, and finally put it on Vent. We didn't need the AC, it was cooler today than it has been for weeks.

On the way home I got the Aerostar minivan inspected. No problems, passed with flying colors, and we have to have emissions test in this county. I don't mention this, but every time I drive it, I like it more. It has been one of the best vehicles I have had.

I had the gas cans with me, in a newspaper lined metal tray that I use for transporting gas or batteries. The Puddle Jumper is not street legal, so I don't even drive it around the corner to the store for gas. My three gallon can full, will last along time in it. The other can is for the lawnmower.

Ray had also got his car inspected, and had to buy a new catalytic converter ($250). The readings on his car computer had been knocked out, so he was told he had to drive it for at least 60 miles to make it come back on?? He did help me carry Pretty's cage outside to the wash bay first, so that I could have it all sanitized for her return.

For once, it was a lovely day to be outside. Cooler, and low humidity. I even had all the house windows open until noon. I sanitized and hosed down the cage, got all new fresh dishes, pillow, box, scoop, and blankies ready for the little patient.

Just waiting for Ray to help me carry it back into the dog room now. I will be picking up Pretty later today.

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