Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Mirage Sink,Seat & Light.

Still a bit chilly today, this morning long sleeves were needed, but T-shirt weather in the afternoon.

First, Ray and I tried again to remove the ratty looking sink drain in the Mirage. We tried yesterday and it was locked on solid. We had sprayed it with TC-11 and penetrating oil, and hoped that it would have freed itself up by this morning. But no! I had needle nose pliers holding through the drain at the top in the sink, and he had a pipe wrench on the bottom. Ray wound up cutting off the lock nut with a small hacksaw. I had already taken off the old faucet yesterday. The sink I wanted to put in there was not going to fit. So I will have to put up with the old little one, for now. It is part of the molded fiberglass counter top. I spent some time looking for one that would fit, but I don't think that there is one. Eventually I might just have to make a Formica counter top for it, if I find that this sink is too small, or rather too shallow.

One of the top clearance lights was cracked, and I have been unable to find a match for it. So Ray had to Spot Bondo the holes, so that we could install one that I bought yesterday. Then we knew that we had to fix the seat. We got the holes drilled through the 2x4 to put under the back of the seat, but we couldn't get the bolts just right. We decided to get longer ones.

After lunch I went to the court house, so now the Mirage and Aerostar are in my name, and I got TX plates for both of them. I went to Lowes to get a nice new sink drain, and some other parts. Then to the Nut & Bolt store to trade the really strong bolts for the seat, for ones 1/2" longer.

So not really a lot accomplished today.

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