Thursday, April 9, 2009

This Is "Start Walking Day". Another Liver No Good.

It was warm when I got up, so I left the patio door going onto the porch open for Bobcat.
I didn't actually 'go walking', but I got a lot of steps in this morning. I knew Ray would be at the hospital with Shay while she was having the big lump removed, so I did my weekly trip into the next town.

I had been loading old cardboard boxes, and all the paper re-cycling into the back of the minivan, the last few days. Shay gathers it from places where she works, and I gather it from wherever I can. This morning I took it all to St. Marks Church paper bin. I would take it to our local school , as I have done for years, but the school is being re-modelled, and the bin is gone. So this time St. Marks will get the money for our paper. I visited St. Mark's Thrift Shop, and bought a little pillow, a paper towel holder to match the Mirage, and a big tall cupholder/console thingy for the van.

On to Lowes, WalMart, Krogers, and other stores, that is where I get my exercise, when I am not working around here! I was pretty worn out by the time I got home.

There was a message on my machine from Claudia's neighbor saying that they had called Claudia back to the Medical Center as there was a liver for her, would I go pick up MaeMae. I was just going to go get her, when I heard the next message.... they were on their way home as another liver was no good, it was "fatty". They had Claudia all prepped for the surgery, but it was a no go, again. She didn't even tell Jay, as he is still 'acting up'.

Later on, Ray and Shay were back from the local hospital. She said even though they have her on pain meds., she can already feel the lack of pressure on her spine from the lump. They had lost her biopsy, so they are going to analyse the lump now.

Ray finished painting the truck bed, but as he had been up since 3.30 am to get Shay to the hospital by 5.30 am, we called it a day.
Then three of Mindi's poodles arrived late this afternoon, but I was too tired to even think about starting to groom them until the morning.
The transmission shop called that the Mirage is ready, so I will have to get that tomorrow, too. I wonder how I ever had time to go out to work!

Now we are back to AC and tank tops today.

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