Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Didn't Rain! Click! Coronado Roof Primed.

The day started out overcast and oppressive, like it was going to rain. The windows have been open and Bobcat was out on her porch for most of the day.

Ray did a little more titivating to the Mirage doors, but we were a little afraid to start priming the Coronado roof, as the online Animated Radar showed a bunch of showers coming up here from Galveston. I raked up some pine needles, and moved all the blocks that came with the Cororado. MaeMae sat in my late little dog's "work bed", she is a good watch dog, she will watch 'work' for ages. Then Ray had to go pick up Shay from work and take her to buy groceries.

So MaeMae and I drove down to Jay's to feed his fish. She looked for Jay, she looked for her "Mom", and as they weren't there, she thought that she might as well come back with me. Even though she is a little disconcerted with me, as she doesn't like her new prescription food. She thinks that I am a nasty person who is holding back on giving her what she wants to eat. Then I have to shove meds. down her twice a day, so I am not on the top of her hit parade. But she still follows me around like she did my late DH.

It was sunny after lunch and the radar showed that the rain had stayed down in Galveston, so
Ray primed the roof of the Coronado, and I was gopher while he was up there. At least it looks more presentable now. The reason the paint was coming off before was that some one had painted latex over oil-based paint. The pressure washer got most of the latex off, so we had to use oil-based primer, and we both got messy. Ray hates oil-based paint, but this whole job is going to be done with it.

Claudia did get the tubes out of her neck last night as she was breathing on her own, but she still isn't lucid. Probably all the pain meds. and such. She still has IV's for dispensing different drugs.

I am grateful for my good health today.

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