Saturday, April 11, 2009

Grooming Muffie, and Listing Truck.

Another great day when I could open up the patio door to the porch early in the morning, and open the windows at the other end of the house to let it air out.

Ray wouldn't be here again today, he is still busy painting across the street. The yard is looking scruffy, so I was going to get my little electric mower out, after 'mower curfew' ceased at 9.00AM. I don't use the gas mower, but I can trim around a little with the electric one. But Muffie's 'Dad' called to remind me that I said I would groom her today.

So I moved the foster cats into the higher cage, knowing that Muffie would be walking through the Middle Room to the Grooming Room. The cats like to be together to watch me groom. Mime can't get her "hands" or claws on a dog when she is up in that cage. She just growled and spat at Muffie as she went by. For once, my worst little dog to groom, Muffie, was fairly good.

It seems that a fairly simple thing turns into an almost all afternoon job. I took pictures of the truck, edited them and wrote a long description of the truck to put on eBay. I know that "To Sell, You Must Tell", and tried to list every one of it's assets. That took time and more editing. I scheduled it to start on Sunday night, as that is supposed to be the best time for an auction to end.

Then, I thought that I would put it on all the surrounding Yard sites, and Craigslist, first, so I delayed the scheduled eBay listing for another week. Getting the pictures all in order takes time, too. I think an ad looks better with all the outside ones first, left, right, front, rear, tires, followed by the inside ones. Five minutes after it came out on Craigslist, I had an inquiry, even though it is priced high. Now I have to list the Puddle Jumper, the TranStar, and the Venture!

I hope y'all are having a happy and safe holiday. That was my day.

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Happy Easter! May God bless!