Thursday, April 16, 2009

More Work on Aerostar and TranStar. Burrs!!

Oh, this weather is great, not cold, and not sweltering hot yet. Bobcat was on her porch early.

Look at this picture of Einstein, then go back 10 feet, and who do you see??

I was going to take Claudia's spider (airplane) plants back to her. They had been on my enclosed porch for the winter, when I noticed that the soil in them was like cement. I don't know Jay had used for those poor plants. I have a big tall old clear record player cover that comes in very handy for re-potting plants, and keeps all the soil from going all over the porch. But my spider plants hanging over the potting table had suddenly put out so many long shoots, that they would have been tickling my face, so Ray and I had to move them around to make the table usable again. Time to start selling aloe again, anyway. I never did get Claudia's plants done, as she had something else come up. Poor little old MaeMae, her dog, had got into some cockle burrs, and was very uncomfortable.

When Ray was up on the ladder to work on the little rusty spot over the Aerostar's windshield, he noticed that the grooves on the roof, where a luggage rack would be, needed some attention also. So he sanded and treated them with Rust Converter.

There were several little things on the work tables to be fixed, so we got some of those jobs out of the way. Ray had to go drive down to Claudia's to pick up Shay, so he brought MaeMae back with him.

Next we screwed the counter top back down in the TranStar, and re-installed the propane cook-top.

As soon as Ray left, I got cracking on MaeMae and cut her down. At least that got the burrs off her. I am giving her a full bath and groom on Monday morning, as she has an appointment at the vet's that afternoon. When I took her back to Claudia in the minivan I sure did miss my Puddle Jumper, as it is lower down so dog's can jump in it. The Puddle Jumper has a designated seat in the back for carrying dogs around the subdivision, covered with black towel seat cover that I made. The van is like the truck, I had to pick her up to put her in the front, so then she wants to drive.

After grabbing a sandwich, I took off for the next town. I needed to go to my insurance company to sign some papers for the minivan, and get some primer and paint for it. On the way I came to a decision, so when I got there I put insurance back on the Puddle Jumper. It is just too handy for scooting around the subdivision, and it doesn't cost much for liability on it. It always passes inspection, runs great, so I think I will keep it around for a pet. We just use it like other folks use their golf carts around here. I happened to look it up on NADA, and it is now worth more that it was a couple of years ago, as it is now under the classic cars!! I let Shay drive it to her two jobs in the subdivision today as it was her first day back at work since her surgery, and she didn't need to be walking.

Another busy, sunny day.

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