Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mirage Cord. Bobcat's Porch Bed. Aerostar.

It was chilly again this morning, and even sprinkled a little, off and on. Still long sleeve weather, and quite windy at times.

Ray arrived and we got a few jobs done in the short time we had, as he had to go pick up Shay. As we had the Mirage cord loose from the breaker box, we slipped the new large shrink tape onto the cord. We wrapped white 4" wide Eternabond around the splice before heating up the shrink tape with a heat gun, which shrunk it securely over the splice. Here is the little metal cable hatch. Yesterday, I took the broken Bakelite RV cord end back to the hardware store, and they refunded my money.

Then it started to rain so we went to the screen porch to fix Bobcat's porch bed. When I had the vinyl around inside the porch, Bobcat's perch was nice and dry. But in case rain blew in there, we raised the bed up by screwing a 1 x 2 under it on three sides, so that moisture wouldn't get trapped under it. Now it is screwed back onto the window sill, so here she is, happy again.

Speaking of 'happy cats', I had Patches' cage door open and Mime went in there to introduce herself. Mime and Patches touched noses and were quite friendly, so I guess Mime likes other cats, and just hates dogs.

I got out the table saw and cut the exact angle lengthwise on the 17" 2x4 to go under the Mirage seat, to make it more comfortable for me to drive. I think Ray is scared of the table saw, so that is why I did it. Yes, I am scared of it, too, ...one should be. Jay came by as I was doing this, and was miffed that I hadn't asked him to work, as the table saw was always his forte.

Jay wanted me to loan him $200, ......fat chance!! He just drank/drugged up a $10,000 settlement in the last 30 days, and I told him if he buggered off that money this time, that I wouldn't have any more to do with him.
I am so sorry for my friend, Claudia, his mother, who will die very shortly if she can't get a new liver. They are still giving her chemo to try to make her last longer. But Jay is so much stress for her that she is making him stay next door at his house now. Such a shame as he could be a big help to her.

Jim, the mechanic, finally came and checked out my "new" Aerostar van today. He said that I did good. He said that the only thing that he can find wrong with it, is that the serpentine belt needs replacing soon. So tomorrow I will go to the court house and put it in my name. It has current inspection and tags, but the plates are missing. You get new plates here in TX when you buy a used vehicle anyway, as otherwise you might get stopped for the PO's tickets!

I know I said I wanted a white one with all the buttons, but I had a feeling that this one would be good for now, until I can find one. Actually, I found one the day after I bought this one, but it is a Windstar, and all the reviews I read about the Aerostar and Windstar, it seems that the rear wheel drive Aerostar is better. I am not fussy what make it is, I just want a reliable white one with all the buttons, but I will read the consumer's reviews before I buy.

I have been cooking a brisket in my crockpot, so I will have some of that today.

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