Thursday, April 23, 2009

Well, I Bought It, As if I Don't Have Enough To Do.

Another great day where the windows can be open and just the screen door to the porch closed, letting fresh air through the house. Bobcat was happy to be out on the porch.

I had an appointment at 8.30AM to see my former trailer, now for sale. He was talking about hauling it across the scrap metal scales, and I couldn't let that happen. No, I will not be able to do the total restore, but I can at least get it looking better, and make sure it gets a new good vintage-trailer-loving home, just like re-housing my SPCA foster fur kids in good loving homes.

It didn't have a shower, so I had installed a bathtub under the corner bed in the back bedroom, years ago!! The vanity is just inside the back door, across from the toilet. In the years since I have seen the inside I found out that people do some weird things to RVs!! They didn't put the water heater under the kitchen sink, where it was, they stuck it in the pantry!! For some reason, best known to themselves, they removed all three roof vents and blocked them off. So now I have to find some like the orginals, and repair the birch paneling on the ceiling. I will get the roof and ceiling done, I hope, and let it's new owner carry on from there. These are pictures of the way it is now, a 1947 Westcraft, Westwood Coronado.

Here are pictures of what Craig Dorsey did to his:

Then a lady came and bought a storm door, so that is one more thing out of the way.

So it is a buying and selling day.

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Jim and Dee said...

OH my, there's so much knowledge in what you do. I wish you luck and I can't wait to see what you do with it. The other one on the blog is awesome!