Monday, April 6, 2009

Mirage Cabinet, Faucet. New tires. Bush Fires.

It was c o l d this morning, in the 40's, so I bundled up in socks, scarf and sweater. I wasn't going to let Bobcat out on her porch. I got the cat room (Middle Room) all done, feeding, cleaning and such, then got the trash together for trash day, with a coat on.
Yesterday I was in a tank top, and now this again. This weather has been very strange this year.

Ray and I screwed on the stops for the lift-up top, and the piano hinge on the cabinet top. And it worked! We actually got it all lined up right.
Then we installed the faucet. The drain hasn't come in yet.

As soon as it warmed up a bit, Ray was able to prime and paint over the Bondo, where the clearance light goes. He got that on the rig, but we don't like it, and I will be looking for another one. Even though he used butyl putty tape, it just doesn't fit flush, and could leak.

The Mirage goes back to the transmission shop tomorrow morning to have a seal looked at, so we had to get it "Rigged for Silent Running", again. We put the tools up every day, but this time we had to take out all the labeled little bins of screws, (cat food cans), that came out of it in various places. The back panel, and panel that goes around the power roof vent are not back up yet, so we have to keep track of those screws, buttons, etc. We took the closet and pantry doors off too, we already have the one out for under the sink. While the Mirage is gone, we can paint the insides of them, then they will look better.

We didn't get any lunch at lunch time, as Ray had to contend with a flat tire. His jack is buried under all his tools in his trunk, so we used my floor jack, and jack stand. He was glad that I keep blocks of wood for chocking and putting under jacks, etc. He loaded up his wheel in the Aerostar, and we went into our little town. As it happens, this morning I had called Discount Tire in the next town about a set of tires for my van, but when we got to the tire store, they had a set of hardly used Michelins, for several hundred dollars less. I was going to put tires on it before Ray drove it tomorrow. The ones that were on it had good tread, not really outdated, but they must have been sitting in the TX sun, as they had weather cracks. So now my van has decent tires on it.

If you want to know how the folks and animals are doing from the terrible Australian Bush Fires:
The animal's food sources are all burned, so if you can, will you help?

All in all, a pretty good day.

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