Monday, April 20, 2009

Groomed MaeMae and Vet. Starving G. Shepherd.

Another lovely tank top and open windows day. Better enjoy it, as summer is around the corner.

Ray came and we worked on the cabinet doors some more. I know you are tired of hearing about these cabinet doors, but it is a slow process to get them all just right and ready for painting. He also did some more to the Aerostar roof. He got the bad places all sanded and primed, so he will be painting as soon as he can.

Yesterday someone had called me and told me about an extremely emaciated German Shepherd, with a red collor, wandering around in our subdivision. When I went to Claudia's to pick up Mae Mae, I saw the dog. Oh, boy was he skinny, two very prominent hip bones.
I rushed MaeMae into my house and got Ray to drive me in the Puddle Jumper to where I had seen the dog. I was armed with good quality dry dog food and a leash. The dog was on a porch, so I called it and put the bowl of food down for it. It came over to the food and ate.
Ray was having a tizzy, he said don't touch that dog, he looks dangerous, so I backed off and we came home. The house had been vacant, and I thought maybe they left the dog behind... There are terrible people who do things like that. But I knew that I would be feeding that dog until I could figure out what to do with it. I couldn't bring it here, covered in fleas, and it might have something contagious.

Then I started working on MaeMae. The sore place under her eye had hair entwined in the scab that had formed. I couldn't see her being all drippy wet and cold in the tub for that long, so I just sat her on my lap outside in the sunshine, and we watched Ray sand the doors. I took some Co-ets,( like flat cotton balls), sterile water with a dab of Johnson's Baby Shampoo, and soaked it until it loosened enough to work with it. Poor Baby, she was so good, she knew I wouldn't hurt her for the world, and that I was trying to help her. Then I gave her a good bath, and groom. She felt a lot better.

I thought that I had lost something out of my fanny pack while I was messing with the German Shepherd, and as I was busy with MaeMae, Ray drove back down there, with some more dog food. Just as Ray was putting the food in the bowl, a man came out of the "vacant" house, and said that it was his dog, that he had just got the dog, and had just moved in there. I guess he doesn't realize that one can't just let a dog run loose in this neighborhood. But I will still be taking that dog some of my good dog food, he needs all the help he can get.

After lunch we routered a roundover on the outside of the trim, so that it would look somewhat like the original doors. Then we started glueing the trim to the doors. Tomorrow we will glue the inserts.

MaeMae's vet appointment was at 4.00PM, and I just got there in time. The lady vet said that the place on her face was due to a bad tooth. We had wanted her teeth cleaned anyway, so she has to go back on Friday for dental work after being on antibiotics for 5 days.

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Gypsy said...

My hat is off to ya, Penny. I don't know where you get all your energy!