Saturday, April 4, 2009

Adoption Day. RVers Prayer.

Today started out a bit warmer than yesterday, so Bobcat went out on her screen porch first thing. While I was tending to Patches' and Mime's cages, and fixing their breakfasts, I let them both loose at once, for the first time. I wanted to be there in case they started a fight. They just loved each other, Patches just adores Mime, and Mime washes Patches.

They were so cute together, that I just had to take a picture.

I called Kenya to let her know that they could be in a cage together for Adoption Day today. She thought that was great, as they had one more animal that some folks wanted to meet, after reading about it on

Ray managed to get one of the Mirage seat bolts to work, but we think that someone messed up the threads on the other one. We spent some more time on the cabinet we are making. Ray sanded, we cut the piano hinge, and I got the trim picked out and cut. I took one of the original cabinet doors with me, when I went to the next town.

I didn't have time to eat lunch before I left, so I took a cheese sandwich with me. I had a bit of trouble getting Patches into a carrier, she just twisted and put all four feet against the door frame. So I went up to the attic and got a larger one down. I put it door up, and plopped her in it that way. It was a lot easier loading the carriers into the Aerostar, than into the back seat of the truck. The seats belts were long enough to strap them in securely, too.

Petco had moved all the birds out of the Bird Room, and our cages were all set up in there. The dogs couldn't interact with passers-by, got bored and would bark in that little room, and the echo hurt one's ears.

One lady had come to adopt a dog that looks like Benji, and as she had a cat, she paraded it past the cats to see how it would re-act. The dog could have cared less, but Oh, Boy, Mime came lunging at that dog, with front paws up to her arm pits through the cage. She might have even knicked his nose, but we checked and the dog was OK. If she could have got out of that cage, she would have torn "Benji" to bits. She must have had a very bad experience with a dog. The cage my foster cats were in, was all the way up in a corner, and at the bottom, so they didn't get much exposure. I hope we don't have Adoption Day in that room any more.

I left the other foster moms to tend to Adoption Day so that I could go to Lowes to get the Paint Dept. to match up the color of the cabinet door. Those color scanners aren't that accurate, they had to add other colors, it only barely matches now, but at least it is the same tone.

The feed store was out of the brand of dry food that I needed for the foster cats, so I had to get some other kind which was going to be outdated at the end of next month, so the owner gave it to me. I hope that they like it as much as their usual one.

I was so tired, and gulping down that cheese sandwich hadn't set well. I would loved to have had time to come home and take a nap. But I went back to Petco, and talked to prospective "parents".

Mandy, the little old Chihuahua that nearly died from the hernia with her intestines hanging out, was there, and she was so pleased to see me. She had her surgery the day after I turned her over to the Chihuahua foster mom, and her scar is all healed now. If her previous drunk/druggie "dad" wants to have her back, he would have to fill out an application like every one else, and he would be refused. He nearly let little old Mandy die in agony. People looked at her, but they wanted younger dogs. The right home will come along, and she is very happy in her foster home. She has attached herself to her foster dad, and sleeps with him.
When we got home the cats were very glad to be back here. This was Patches first Adoption Day, so now she will not be so scared another time.

For whatever type of RV they have:
The RVers Prayer :

God bless our traveling home

And guide us where ever we roam

Help us find the roads we seek

And please dont let the plumbing leak...

Save us, please from engine trouble

And mechanics who charge us double

As we travel on our way

Bless us with sunshine every day

And while youre watching over all,

Could you let gas prices fall?

Lead us toward good food and friends

And when at last our journey ends

Grant our rolling home sweet rest

Until the next endurance test.

A tiring day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Penny you can also put the cats in their cages bum first or backward withever way you want to call it. They can't see what you are doing and it is so much easier.

I admire you so much for your constant care and love for these wonderful animal.

Take Care
Brenda Brown (sweetpea)

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Oh, Brenda, I tried that first, but she is too squirmy, and turned into a clawing pretzel! So that is why I got down a larger carrier and put her in with the door upwards.
For some reason she has a fear of carriers, but is fine in an open cage. Who knows what happened to her in her past life.
Thank you, Happy Trails, Penny, TX