Friday, April 3, 2009

Mirage Cabinet

It started out chilly, so long sleeves were needed until about 10.15, and then off they came, so we were down to T-shirts.
So the weather is getting better.

We were still having trouble with the seat bolts and sink drain, so we thought that we would try to finish the cabinet that Jay had started. We had to undo some of what he had done, and make some weird cuts on a little block of wood for a filler, to get things square. I couldn't find my pocket hole jig, it wasn't where it was supposed to be, so I was pretty miffed as it made the job more difficult. But we got the sides all screwed together, then scribed under the counter top for the cut out, and got it cut. As you can see this is a funny shaped cabinet, as the rig is wider at the back. That odd shaped Formica is part of the top, as it will hinge at the window side. Here it is leaning against the window.

Now can you see a plan coming together?

After lunch I ordered the sink drain that I need, and went back to the Nut & Bolt Store. Maybe this next batch will work.
I went in the Aerostar, it was so much easier to park, u-turn, and handle than my truck. It is higher up, so I almost felt like I was driving my big TranStar B+. I had to stop at Lowes, Home Depot and Walmart, too. So when I got home it was so easy to unload everything out of the sliding door, straight onto the front porch. This is a different porch from Bobcat's screen porch.

Patches can now be out of her cage part time, she has healed enough that it shouldn't hurt her if she jumps up and down on things. So she and Mime take turns being loose in the Middle Room and Grooming room. Usually Patches sits in front of, or on top of, Mime's cage. Tomorrow, I will try having them both loose together while I am tending to them, to see if they fight. Somehow I don't think so, I think that they will play together.

The cabinet is coming together, so it is a good day.

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