Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Doors. De-winterizing. Meet Ex-Employee.

Another lovely Spring day here. It is a shame that Summer is not far behind. Normally there are two seasons in this part of TX, but this unusual Winter has given us a third.
Winter, Spring, and July/August.

Ray and I de-winterized the house. Took the covers off the northern soffits, took the covers off the roof turbos, washed and put away all the plant covers, and generally got things ready for the hot weather a-comin'. It was warm this afternoon and I could hear the attic fan a-goin'.

We glued the inserts on the Mirage cabinet doors, and they are weighted down for the night. Then we turned out attention to the Mirage's little power vent fan, and there is no way that the fan blade the RV store sold me will fit it. We had the top off and tried everything, but maybe their blade or my fan is an oddball. So back to square one on that.

I had seen an RV in an impound lot that a friend of mine might be interested in, and went to track down the owner of the lot. Turns out the wife of the owner was an ex-employee of mine. Way back in the 80's I had a Mini-Golf, here in downtown Willis, and she worked for me after school. We also sold Sno-Cones, etc., so the kids loved to work there.
The RV was gone, but my friend wouldn't have wanted it anyway, as I found out that the insides had been trashed. Whoever did the trashing didn't realize the value of those old Avions!

Grandpa found out that his 401K had turned into a 104K!!
So that was my day.

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