Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Not Much Time to Work Today, so Van & TranStar.

It started out a bit chilly, but as soon the sun came out it was a lovely day to be outdoors.

Ray and I couldn't really get into a lengthy job, as this is the day he has to go pick up Shay from work around 10.00 AM. We had taken my red license plate holders off the truck, so we put them on the van. They say "Save Lives, Spay and Neuter". If they make one person fix their pet, it is worth it. One dog makes 50-70,000 dogs in 10 years, and one cat makes around 400,000 in 10 years. There just are not enough homes for that much population explosion. EVERY LITTER BIT HURTS.

Yesterday we noticed that there was a little tiny rusty spot on the top of the van, so we wanted to get that protected. Ray sanded it and applied rust converter, which has to sit on it for 24 hours, before priming and painting.

There were some white vertical marks on the side of the dark blue minivan when I got it. It was as if it had been parked next to a white vehicle and the doors had hit the van. I got out the Scratch Remover, and it got them off.

Then Ray went to get Shay, and I went inside and paid some bills online.

Upon Ray's return we thought that we had better get the TranStar ready for sale next. It is the right time of year for that. We had taken out the sink, thinking that it would fit in the Mirage, but it didn't, because of the shape of the existing sink in the Mirage. So we put it back in the TranStar.

That was a shame, as I had a larger sink that we
could have put in the TranStar, but we weren't going to take the time to cut into the Formica counter top, move the faucet and re-plumb the drain, if we couldn't use the smaller sink.

So are you ready, it is Tax Day?

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