Friday, April 24, 2009

Door. MaeMae to Vet. Do Not Call. Puppy Mills.

Yesterday afternoon, Ray came over and applied the second coat of paint to one of the cabinet doors that we made.

This morning it was nice and warm when I got up, but I couldn't let Bobcat go out on the porch as I had to take little MaeMae for her surgery. I gave the cats their breakfasts, then drove down to get MaeMae. She was still fast asleep so Claudia had to get her out of her bed. She was still sleepy on the way to the vet, so she didn't whine to be up in the driver's seat. That is my late DH's fault, he used to let her help him drive. I transport animals properly, she was crated and seat-belted in. She knows she can't pull that stuff with me.

After I dropped her off, I went into the next town. I had some things to return, and buy, at WalMart. Then next door to Lowes who now sell automotive paint, if you don't need a specific color number. I get so tired of having to run to the six different auto parts stores, just to get a can of Duplicolor at each store. They usually only have one can of the color you need at each store! This time I needed white that didn't have to match something that was already painted, so I bought a bunch of it, and auto primer. We are going to need it.

As I was near St. Mark's Thrift Shop, I bought a big shell shaped dish for my bathroom, a cat dish, a little cutting board, a white cotton top, and a gray/pink plaid fleecy cardigan for next winter, all for an extravagant $4.50.

A lady came to buy the big dog carrier that Snack loved so much. Now that I have the two big cages in the cat room, I don't need it any more. They are loose playing all day, and they can see me through that big window beside their cages. But I do cage them at night, so they will get some rest, and not eat each other's dinner.

Then another lady came to pick up the storm door she bought yesterday.

I thought I could take a quick nap, but no!
Just as I was dropping off, I get a sales call even though I am on the Do Not Call List. I always get the company name when they do that, and report them to the Do Not Call site, so they will get fined.

By then it was time to get MaeMae from the vet. Again I had to hang around there for an hour, waiting my turn, as it was pick up time. She was still a little groggy, but I got her safely back to Claudia with all the instructions for her care. She had six teeth extracted, and a little tumor taken off her eyelid. My late DH spent $400 on her teeth, and Claudia has spent quite a bit on them before. MaeMae was born in a puppy mill, and her mother didn't get the best of care or food while she was pregnant. She was bought from a pet shop by Claudia's daughter, then four years later she gave us both her poodles, MaeMae, and my late beloved little best friend, Levi.
MaeMae is smart, when she sees us getting with those medicine bottles out of the fridge she runs under the bed. But she was too dopey to do that tonight. Claudia is going to have to pick her up before she goes to the fridge, and not let MaeMae go until she has had her meds!

Now if you need another thing to help save, the African Queen needs help, too.

Finally, when I got home, Bobcat got her 'porch fix' for the day.

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