Saturday, April 18, 2009

Click For a Cure. R A I N !! Cabinet Door Trim.

Last night they were only at 54% with 13 days to go. Let's help them make their goal. Please remind everyone to click on the Breast Cancer Site. Click at top left of this page.

It started out gloomy, and then the rains came again today. This is the view of my side "driveway" ?? I went out in the pouring rain to see if there was something clogging my culvert, but discovered that it was stopped up down the street, so the water is not draining off and going down to the lake like it should. I got soaked and had to change all my clothes, as the wind whipped the rain through my raincoat.

When I went to get my order at the RV store north of me, it was just drizzling, but I was still worried that the road below me would be flooded, and I would have to go the other way around to the freeway. I had seen hardly any traffic on the main road at the back of my house, which usually means that people have driven the other way to Squirrel Run Road. But even if it had flooded last night, it was alright when I went through.

Jay came to work on the Mirage cabinet doors. They have to be lightweight, and just hide what is inside.
Preferably they need to look something like the fiberglass ones, except that these will have to have square corners. First we made a template out of a 1x4 to help guide the router. A coffee can was just the right size to match the radius on the doors. We put an ogee edge bit in the router, and set it shallow to make a roundover edge on the inside of the trim part. Then that when it gets glued to the door, it will look somewhat like the original doors.

I have a lot of tools, but I do not have the skill nor tools of Norm
Abram! "This Old House", and "Ask This Old House" are some of my favorite shows.,,420027,00.html

We got the trim for one door done, as Jay had to leave.

It is a muddy, rubber boots day.

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