Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Door. AC. Vintage Trailer. VentVisors.

It was lovely on the porch first thing this morning, but Bobcat would not go out there until she had her breakfast. So I fed her early so that she would stay away from under my feet. She walks around with a stiff-legged swagger, like a muscle bound man, when she can't have her own way.

Ray caulked the seams where the trim and insert were glued to the larger Mirage cabinet door. The other door needed a tad more gluing, so it is back under weights in the workshop until tomorrow. He also got the first coat of paint on the larger door.

The "new" AC shroud was almond, and it didn't look right on a white RV, so Ray gave it a couple of coats of white paint for plastic. It looks so much better.

Jay called me to go down there to give MaeMae her medicine. Claudia had fallen out of bed last night, and wasn't able to do it as she is so bruised. I drove down there and popped MaeMae's meds down her. Jay also told me that my old travel trailer was for sale.

I had bought this aircraft built 1947 trailer in Kansas in the 60's, and towed it to TX with my Olds 98 wagon. I sold it some years later, in Dallas, but it wound up in this same subdivision several years ago. How is that for coincidence? Jay wanted me to buy it, put it on his lot, so that he could stay in it, as some folks wanted to rent his house. He said he would work on it for me. Fat Chance!! He has no knowledge of restoring vintage trailers, and I don't have time to be there to watch everything he does to it. If I buy it, it will be worked on right here, done with the right materials, with precision, not his slap-happy "it'll do" attitude. I really don't need any more work, as I still have my 68 Venture Motor Home to clean up and sell, but I did leave them my number, as I hate for it fall into the wrong hands.

While I was gone, the mail lady delivered this long package, I knew exactly what it was. As the Aerostar is a "keeper", I had ordered VentVisors for it. Ray and I installed them right away. They sure do keep the sun out, and I can leave the windows down on each side to let the heat out when it is parked in sunny parking lots. I have seen windows blow out of cars here, from the pressure, if left all closed up in the TX heat.

A lovely sunny day.

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