Saturday, April 25, 2009

Moved Trailer here. "Old" Jokes.

Instant Old Age.

Bobcat was happy to be on her porch early this morning as it was nice and warm out there. She likes to be out there and watch the sunsets, too.

I really don't know where today disappeared to, just as I was printing out the directions to go to a baby shower, the phone rang. He wanted to move the vintage travel trailer here today, not tomorrow, so I didn't get to the baby shower.

I drove over there, as I had the keys, and I wanted to watch to make sure they didn't damage the 62 year old vintage trailer. It had been up on blocks for several years, and we loaded them in the Puddle Jumper, so I could re-block it here, if I wished.
I had to come back here and get the right size ball for his truck. The tires were still holding air after all those years, and he backed it into my side drive all the way back, so it is mostly hidden.

After a quick apologetic call to the baby shower mother-to-be, I quickly drove into our town with Ray. I hadn't had it on my list, so I had forgotten to get the foster cats their food in the next town, yesterday. Ray needed to get Shay some cigarettes in town, too. His car is waiting to go in the shop for a water leak, so he tries not to drive it. We went to the feed store, as I thought that they might have some cat food that wasn't mostly corn meal. They did, but not really the quality that I wanted.

Ray bought a 35 lb bag of wild bird food. We must feed all the birds for miles around here. I think that
is what Bobcat likes to watch from the porch. We get all kinds, from bright Blue Jays and beautiful Red Cardinals to all the little brown birds too. Orange Glow, the outside cat, has never tried to hurt them,
and Blackie knows that they are off limits ever since she presented us with one.

I see from the map that I have readers from all over the world.
It amazes me that folks would want to see the daily doings of this old lady. Thank you.

Little MaeMae is doing well after her surgery. Her little mouth is sore, but she seems to know that the medicine makes her feel better, and doesn't hide from it anymore.

Good! We are ready to start cleaning up the trailer tomorrow, now that it got here today.

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JB said...

Well just for the record us Canadians love keeping up with our favourite "Queens Texan"