Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Touching Up Truck. Sold It! Blades Sharp Now, I Hope

Another lovely day, once the sun came out.

I had some people coming to look at the truck at 5.00 PM, so Ray and I went around it, touching up little places.

We took the tailgate off, I taped it up, and Ray painted the bottom of it. He and I went all around the truck with little artist paint brushes and painted any little boo boos, on the white part.

I taped off the mirrors, as the flat black that the previous owner had done, was coming off. But this time we did them with shiny Hammered Black, and they looked good.

The clipper blade sharpening lady was going to be in our little town today, and I was waiting for her call. Finally she called so I took them into town at 1.30 PM, and left them with her. They were supposed to be ready around 4.00 PM

When I got back I taped up the black fenders, and we touched up a few places with High Gloss Back.

I was just backing out of the driveway to get my blades, when the truck folks arrived, early. So the father did his test drive by driving me into town to get my blades. I couldn't leave the sharpening ladies hanging around in town, as they needed to get home.

As usual, everything worked as it should in the truck, so the father and son were impressed with it. It would the 17 year old's first vehicle. They made me an offer I couldn't refuse.

I was very fortunate to sell it for what I did, considering it had 196,000 miles on it, and needed tags and inspection. But the truck is a clean, well maintained, good running truck, and they could tell that. When I bought it, I thought that I would have it till the end of my days, but the minivan is so much more convenient and comfortable for me.

I drove straight back into town to the bank, so it was a good day.

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