Thursday, April 30, 2009

Click for a Cure. 11 Breakfasts. Cleaning Coronado

I am writing this first part early, to remind you to click.

The 7 dogs arrived at 4.00 AM this morning, so I made 11 little breakfasts.

Talk at you again, later today.

Ray and I worked on the roof of the Coronado, there was a place where some sealer was lifting up, which Ray scraped off, and we will patch it with Eternabond. We really wanted to put some sealer on the roof, but there were dark clouds on the horizon, so we busied our selves with cleaning up some of the inside. The old geyser who had it, had strung extension cords under the carpet, through cabinets, all around Kelley's barn, and he had 3 6-plug bars in there. There are lots of outlets in there, so I don't know why. Ray manned the shop vac, and I 'womanned' the Upright Commercial Hoover. We didn't get finished as it was time for Ray to get his car out of the shop.

I have taken the dogs out several times today, and let them play in the back yard. I had Ray stay with them outside while I tended the cat's boxes, as I don't let someone's dogs out of my sight. I want to know where they are at all times. You never know, some silly sod might
have thrown a chicken bone, chocolate, raisins, grapes, or cigarette butt in my yard. All deadly to dogs.
Then I made 12 little dinners, including me.

It never did rain on this busy day.

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Sandra said...

I always do it first thing in the morning when I get up.