Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Getting Truck Ready To Sell. Chair Covers.

Started out cold again, but Ray got out the pressure washer and cleaned the bed of the truck. It has a black bed liner that was all scratched up, it was like that when I got it.
I bought the truck when we had to take our trash to the subdivision's dumpsters, down by the lake. We could haul tree clippings, old lumber, furniture or anything to those dumpsters, so I didn't worry about the bed of the truck. Now we are really posh, and have curb trash service, so I don't need the truck anymore.

Ray had to leave to go pick up Shay from her job, thinking that he would be back in an hour. I knew that we would need more flat black paint for the scratches on the bed liner, so I rushed into town to buy some. That wasn't to be, Shay's sister was moving again, so he got roped into that, and didn't know how long he would be.
I didn't want to sign on to my little online job, and then have to quit when he got back, so I busied my self by making these chair covers on the sewing machine. They are for the two chairs outside my little guest house that Ray and Shay rent from me. I got these chairs for Orange Glow and Blackie, as Shay had some old odd ones out there, and I like things to match. The cats like it better when there is a cover covering up the open sides, so Shay had different color blankets on them, which irked me everytime I drove into the driveway. This was a comforter that I cut in half, then made slip pockets to slip over the backs of the chairs, so they wouldn't slide around. Blackie made herself at home right away.

When Ray returned, I knew he was beat, but he still wanted to get the truck bed painted, and so I taped it up. Boy, a little black paint makes a big difference!

We wanted to get it finished today as Ray takes Shay to have some out-patient surgery on her back tomorrow to remove a big painful lump. Also there is a 40% chance of rain, but we couldn't get it all done. I will back the truck into one of the carports until we can get back to it.

Ran the heater last night, and now it is a sunny warm day.

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