Friday, April 10, 2009

Grooming Today for Bluebonnet Pictures.

Another great day, Bobcat could go out on the porch first thing this morning.

I had to get busy, I still had three of Mindi's poodles to tidy up. There is no way I could bathe and groom all three in one morning. My old back and hands won't do that anymore, but they needed to look presentable for Mindi's "Bluebonnet Pictures".

It seems that everyone wants their picture taken in the Bluebonnets and other wildflowers along the side of the roads, and interstates, each year. They are sewn by TX DOT to save on mowing costs, and they look lovely. Usually there are just blue Bluebonnets and orange Indian Blanket, or Paintbrush. This year there are a lot more yellow ones. (pansies, I think). Mindi especially wants a picture of Sheba, as this will probably be her last year.

Yes, Little Old Sheba is still around with her collapsed trachea, as long as she doesn't get excited, or stressed she doesn't cough much. Mindi thinks that it is post nasal drip that makes her cough, and gives her Children's Triaminic. I think that she is allergic to cats, so I haven't let her in my part of the house this time, so she is a lot better. Yes, there are cats in cages in the Middle Room, only separated from the Grooming Room by a Dutch Door, but in the house, Bobcat has been all over everywhere. Even when the foster cats are loose in the Grooming Room they have a special place up high that they sit, where they can watch me through the glass door. They don't get in the dog's beds.

The Mirage is ready, but there is no way I can go get it this afternoon. Ray has had to do some of Shay's jobs while she is laid up from her surgery. The transmission shop said that they would be open until 6.00PM, but when I called at 4.00PM there was no answer. I was worried that they might have left it outside so that I could pick it up, but their neighbor said no, so it must be locked up inside for Easter.

Y'all Have a Safe Holiday.

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