Friday, April 17, 2009

Cabinet Doors. Re-potting. Rainy Afternoon.

It was overcast and thundering in the distance all morning.

Jay wanted to work, as he was OK, I let him. First we got his mother's plants re-potted, before he clocked in. Oh, the poor things were root bound. I am sure they will feel better now.

Then we started making the doors for the Mirage cabinet. It wasn't easy, as the cabinet frame that he made isn't quite square! We got a sheet of Luann down from my attic and measured, cut, measured, scribed, cut again, until they fit right. Then cut some more the same size for making the trim. We are going to try to make them match the radius design on the ones already in there. It started raining drops on the work table, so we had to quit.

Then it came a gully whomper. I was supposed to pick up my RV parts order today, but I am not going out in this mess. At top, are pictures of the rain pouring off the porch roof.

Ray is elsewhere painting indoors today.

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