Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mirage In Shop. Re-Packing Boxes.

It was near freezing in this area last night. Whatever next?
I have one Aloe plant that is not like the Aloe Barbadensis, the medicinal aloe plants that I sell. It was given to me a couple of years ago. The leaves are hard, spiney, and will scratch you. I believe it is called "Jacob's Ladder", anyway it thinks that Spring is here, and is blooming.

I started early in the RVport going through some boxes of yard sale stuff. It needed to reboxed into smaller boxes that I can manage. I was also looking for a container to keep things in, under the second seat of the Aerostar. I like to carry some tools, oil, funnel, brake fluid, etc. with me at all times. I found some dishpans that fit under there. I have some of those plastic 'click boxes', that fold up, and I wanted to have one or two in there, too. They are great for groceries, etc. to stop things from rolling around. In the truck I could just put the bags in the floor boards wells, front or back, but the Aerostar is one big empty flat space in the back. I finally got all my stuff, maps, etc. out of the truck, and the van all sorted out.

In the middle of doing this, Ray came over and we got the Mirage to the transmission shop. He said he likes the van better than the truck, too. He had to go to help someone plant tomatoes, after that he took Shay to the doctor, so we didn't get any work done today.
Then the usual phone calls to different companies, where they either put you on hold forever, or customer service people that you can't understand.

The ABC, (American Bird Conservancy) sent me an article about only drinking coffee grown in the shade. It is also supposed to taste better, but how does one know where their coffee bean has been grown?
By the way here is a puzzle: How many beans make five?
Answer: A bean and a half, a bean and a half, half a bean and a bean and a half!

Now it is a sunny, calm day.

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