Sunday, April 5, 2009

Breast Cancer Site Needs your Free Help. Mirage Cabinet.

Another day that was a bit breezy, but warm. At times too hot for a t-shirt, as it was so cloudy and humid, so I was glad that I worn a tank top. After it rained a few drops, the humidity dropped and it became a sunny, but still breezy day.

Today we painted the inside of the Mirage cabinet. This has to be done before we can install the rest of the top. The paint matched the interior perfectly, see picture. We taped off the Formica top so that we could get all the edges. I made the stops for the hinged top, and countersunk them so that the screws can be covered by buttons.

While we had this non-toxic paint out, we trimmed some branches, and painted the tree's wounds. I know it is the wrong time of year to do this, but some had grown across my side driveway, and I didn't want them to scratch vehicles.

We finally got the Mirage driver's seat block anchored securely, so I may be able to drive it without my right leg hurting, and still be able to depress the clutch with my left foot.

The holes where the old faucet screwed onto the sink deck are now invisible, so we can install the new faucet soon. The drain should be here next week, then we can work on that part. That should be interesting, as we are going to make a small gray water tank, to be legal. It doesn't make sense to me, tent campers throw their dishwater on the ground, RV's have outside showers, but it is illegal to let gray water out on the ground from an RV. I can see it being bothersome at a campground, but when out in the woods I would think that it would help the vegetation, as soap has to be biodegradable now.

The Breast Cancer Site is striving to get enough free daily clicks to give 200 free mammograms, this month. If we can do this, they will award $10,000 towards helping fund research to stop breast cancer. It doesn't cost you a thing, so please help. I know you all know someone that has, or had cancer, wouldn't it be great if cancer research could find a cure.

Also do your part, for yourself and your family, by eating right, and exercising, it is proven that it helps, so start today.


Leno said...

Penny, I hit the breast cancer site every day, they email me daily to remind me..

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Jolly Good, Arlene!

The Animal Rescue site emails me every day, so I click on all the others, Breast Cancer, Literacy, Hunger, Rainforest, etc., too.

Let's all get our friends involved and help the Breast Cancer Site get the $10,000.

Happy Trails, Penny.