Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cold Again. Literacy, Read to Your Kids, & Grandkids.

Well, it is back to a turtleneck over a t-shirt tucked in my jeans, and even a raincoat for the next few days. I guess the Canadians sent us some of their weather.

Ray was not going to be here to day. I wanted to go to see how the Mirage was getting along. I was hoping that it wasn't as bad as expected. Also, I had not had time to stop and get a couple of things while I was in the next town the other day. Jay needed to fill a prescription for an antibiotic for his bad tooth, and his mother was too sick to take him, so he went with me. He had been ambulanced to the emergency room the other day, as he was in so much pain. Of course taking pain pills with beer did not help!! I only do this for his mother's sake, to get him out of her hair, so she can rest. He is so stressful to be around.

First, we went to the vet to get some more Revolution for Bobcat and the foster cats. Then dropped off Jay's prescription. Jay wanted to buy a heater at WalMart, and I wanted to buy a vacuum that I thought would be a good one for me. They were out of both, so we went to the Dollar General and he bought a heater there. So I still don't have a new vacuum. I went to the transmission shop to see what the Mirage looked like with it's innards hanging out. I saw the broken cog on the fifth gear. The new parts are coming in tomorrow, so later I can pick it up. It was raining the whole time I was out, and didn't stop until I got home.

When I was doing my 'clicks' today, I saw this on the Literacy Site:

""Family Resources
Fun activities, online resources, & great books for all ages.

At The Literacy Site, we hope to foster a love of reading in our children through education and awareness as well as the simple act of providing books for children in need. You and our charitable partners are doing a big part of the work.
When you click the "Fund Books for Kids" button and see our sponsors' ads, funds are generated to distribute books for children around the world. But what of the future? With a good understanding of the practical use and the sheer joy books can provide, our children can do even more to learn crucial skills and to help others around the world. Help your children get involved!
Tips & Ideas:
Our children learn the most from watching and interacting with us. As parents and family, we strive to set good examples, but we're often crunched for time. Learning to be literate is a gradual process and we can facilitate it with a few simple daily or weekly routines.
Read to your children!You have heard this one before, but it is one of the most valuable learning times that a child can experience. Pick a fun book, curl up in a comfy corner, and spend some quality time reading to your child.
Read with your children! Sometimes it is difficult to remember that we are the best role-models for our children. Take some time out during the day, maybe just 15 minutes, to pick up a book of your own and read it. There may be distractions — phone calls and other demands on your attention — but pick that book up again and finish your chapter when the interruption is over. Your example will adhere more deeply than you would expect or imagine.
Write with your children.Get involved with their homework, and when they don't have any, have some fun. You can co-write silly poetry like Shel Silverstein, short adventure stories that your child is the main character in, and more. Make writing more than an important task to be completed for school by showing children that, with a little imagination, it can be a lot of fun.
Explore the internet together. The internet is a massive, modern jumble of information that can be difficult to dig through, but it is also an excellent resource to find some answers to children's questions. Take some time of your own to bookmark some safe, interactive, exciting, and intelligent sites. """

Take care of tomorrow, by helping your kids read today.


Sandra said...

If this weather was coming from Canada, it would be snow not rain! LOL

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Sandra, it melted on the way!

JB said...

Hey don't blame us we are all down here looking for the nice weather. This is certainly Alaska type weather.