Friday, March 6, 2009

Non-Stop Busy Day, then a Dog & Cat Rescued

Lovely tank-top day again. But I knew I had to go to the next town, so I couldn't be home to enjoy it.

Ray came over and got the wood ready for the counter top that we are making for the new cabinet in the Mirage. He patched a knot hole, sanded, and got the top and bottom really smooth. Maybe we can get the Formica on it, and the table top, tomorrow.

I had picked up Jay as he wanted to go with me. He was really sore as he had dug all the holes for his new fence with a manual post-hole digger. Silly sod! We counted that we had at least 9 stops to make in town, so we were beat by the time we got back, no lunch or nap today. While we were in town we stopped at the Mirage and got the exact measurements for the counter top, so we can cut it tomorrow. The news on the Mirage was as I suspected. The poor thing had been neglected, and needed front end rebuilt, brakes all rebuilt, and new shocks. Still needs to be seen by a transmission specialist.

Jay bought two big rolls of 5' chain link fencing, a bunch of top rail, more posts, clamps, nuts and carriage bolts, etc., so my little truck was loaded down. As we were unloading it in his yard, the landlady of the man who has the little old Chihuahua, drove up. The man had been locked out of the place several times, due to non-payment, but had just broken the locks and got back in again, so she was cleaning out the place. Little old Mandy was still there, and a sweet starving stray tortoiseshell cat.
I scooped them up and brought them back here. I can't have the cat around Snack, who has already been checked out by the vet, so the cat had to be caged. It might have FIV or Feline Leukemia. I have little Mandy in the great big German Shepherd cage. Both cat and dog were very hungry and thirsty. I couldn't leave them there at that empty place, as goodness only knows what would have happened to them.

Phew! A busy Day.

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