Thursday, March 26, 2009

Another Nice Day turned Rainy. Mime & Rahni

Shay rang my doorbell at 6.15 am this morning. She had the little pregnant cat in the carrier that I had put on it's end, door up, outside her front door. That is the easiest way to get a cat in a carrier if it doesn't want to go in there. Shay knew that she could pick up the little skittish cat, so we did it that way.
The reason Shay brought her over so early was that neutered Orange Glow just loves this little kitty, washes her and lets her eat Blackie's food. That causes fights. He was very upset that she was in the carrier, and was trying to get her out of there.
I brought the carrier into the Middle Room, opened the carrier door into my big cage and she got in it. It was all ready with food, water and litter. I took her some canned food, and let her settle down. Later, several times I opened the cage door and petted her so that she would get used to me.

When I told my SPCA boss, Kenya, that I now had the pregnant cat, she called the vet in Tomball, TX to see if she could be worked into their schedule, before she queened. She made an appointment for tomorrow, but I would have to take the cat, pick her up, and give her a name.

Now came the big decision, was she tame enough to be an adoptable pet? Should I call Animal Control to pick her up when they were doing their rounds in here, knowing that they would just put her to sleep. Kenya left the decision up to me. Later, the cat let me take her out of the cage, and I managed to take this picture of her. She is a calico, and calico is a type of fabric made in India, so I named her "Rahni", which is supposed to be Hindu for Princess.

I knew that Ray wouldn't be here this morning, so I went though a cabinet where I keep a lot of papers. I was really looking for the manual for my old cell phone. But one thing led to another, so I just kept the paper re-cycling bin and shredder busy. I still had 3-ring binders full of old bank statements from before it went online. There is a lot more room in the cabinet now.

Then it was time for some lunch, and go to the next town and meet Kenya to pick up my other foster, Mime, the tortie; tortoiseshell. I named her that, as she has orange on the right side of her face, and black on the left.

Mime seemed to be glad to see me, and Kenya remarked how super sweet she is. Then Kenya said that all the cats that I foster are very loving, gentle and well behaved, even when at Adoption Days. We talked about one of the other foster mom's cats and how terrible they are. I know that this foster mom really rough houses with her cats, then they just don't show well on Adoption Days. They seem to think that it is acceptable to bite and scratch!

Ray does the same thing with his cat, so she is a little vicious she-demon, and that is why Blackie and Orange Glow can't live in the house with her. Even Shay has been gaffed a few times as she walks by. You can't treat a cat like a dog, and even then it is not good to get a dog thinking that rough housing is good, as they can do it to young kids, and hurt them.

It is cooler than yesterday, a long sleeve T-shirt, not tank top day, like yesterday.

Now it is a rainy day.

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