Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Helped Two Dogs. Mirage Rigged For Silent Running.

Another day that it was too chilly for Bobcat to go out on her screen porch first thing. But it warmed up later, so she was happy to go out there. Snack was upset because I wouldn't let her out of the dog room. I am tired of her jumping on old Bobcat. Gee, she has everything she needs in there, including TV tuned to Animal Planet, what more does she want?

I went to see if Jay was going to work today, but he had let those people stay in his house, and they had left a mess, so he had been cleaning up after them. This is an ongoing thing with him. He lets folks in his house and then gripes about cleaning up after them. He hates his house to be messy. (But he can never find anything.) I brought him up here, anyway, as he wanted to get away from there.

Yesterday, these people had left their little old Chihuahua at Jay's house, too. She is really a sweet old lady, but she has a tumour the size of a tennis ball on her tummy. They hadn't left her any food, and she needed a bath, so I put her in the car to bring her here to tend to her.
Then this bloodhound looking dog came along, and he had a bleeding tail. I was told that he was a stray, and someone had done something horrible to his tail, so I loaded him up too. Thank goodness I have my Puddle Jumper 'doggie' car back! I fed and watered him, he was hungry. I asked around and was told that he didn't belong to anyone, so as I couldn't get hold of my SPCA boss, and he needed medical attention, I called the Humane Society, and they picked him up. I don't know if he will get the same care that the SPCA (No-Kill) provides, but I had to get him somewhere that could help him.

I bathed the little old Chihuahua, cut her long nails, and put her in a cage dryer, while Jay and I looked at the cabinet situation in the Mirage. What we had done so far had to be anchored down, even though it isn't finished, as the Mirage will be driven tomorrow.

When I took Jay and the Chihuahua back to his place, the people had come back there, and were so surprised that he had everything so neat, and thanked me for feeding and bathing their dog. They seem unconcerned about the dog's tumour. She is so quiet and gentle, and it is such a shame that she has these people for her "hoomans".

Ray had been cleaning and washing the outside of the Mirage all morning, while this was all going on. After lunch I asked him if he wanted to work some more, as we are leaving with the Mirage early tomorrow morning to get it to the next town to the mechanic. We had to put the TN license plate back on, and now that the step was painted I wanted to have some Non-Slip strips on the step. I had felt very insecure going in and out of there when the step was wet. These are also Glow-In-The-Dark, so maybe I won't miss my step!

As I had to go get some other things at the RV store south of that town, we thought that we had better investigate the lump in the carpet where a pedestal table holder should be. Then I would know what length pole to buy. When someone re-carpeted they had gone right over it. We cut the carpet, and found out that the pole holder was missing, so I dug an old one out of my parts dept. (We would have painted it before installing it.) But it took a different kind, the round base, not my square one, so I have to buy one.

An old submarine term, "getting it rigged for silent running", means to me, getting an RV rigged so stuff doesn't slide, rattle or roll on the road.
During the war, it was so that the ships above, couldn't hear the sub below.

So that's what we did today.

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Joe and Sherri said...

We understand that Penny. When we had the MH we would have to batten down the hatches to keep the noise down. One thing about a MH you have alot of sounds going on while riding down the road!!

Joe and Sherri