Saturday, March 7, 2009

Quiet Day.

Another warm "tank-top, windows open" day. We even uncovered the trough of aloe, as we hope that there won't be a late freeze.

I have just been taking care of Bobcat, Snack and the new comers, the stray cat and the little old Chihuahua, Mandy. Also, I have been looking at reviews for items that I need, online.
I drew the measurements onto the board for the top of the cabinet, and it doesn't work out right. The Mirage cabinet is a bit wider at the back than the front, so I need to go back with an angle finder.

Ray helped Jay put in some more posts for Jay's fence, and Jay had me go down there twice about some trouble over the people that he had hired to start the fence the other day. When will he learn to stay away from "those kind of people"? He says that they stole money from him, but he shouldn't have had them there anyway. When will he learn? His poor sick mother is all upset over that now.

They are all having such a good time at the RV-Dreamers chatroom Gathering in Kerrville, TX, I wish I was there. I bet it is really lively there, now that Speedy has arrived.
I won't know until Monday how much it is going to cost for the Mirage, as Pete, the mechanic, doesn't want to tell me until he knows which parts fit, and how much they will cost.

As I said, around here, just a quiet day

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