Saturday, March 28, 2009

Brrr! Heaters! Grooming.

By the time Ray arrived this cold morning, I had temporarily put Patches into one of my dog kennel cages. I had turned her cage upside down, so that the door would open the right way, moved it into the Middle Room, put it's floor back in, and got her all settled in it again.

<----Here are Mime and Patches.

Patches stitches looked good and no sign of redness. Kenya is away for a few days, so I was hoping that I wouldn't have any trouble with Patches' surgery. Normally Kenya takes care of the post-op. cases in a special room at her place, so I felt good that she had enough confidence in me to take care of Patches, though she knows that I have taken care of a lot of post-op pets, and people.

It was a good thing that Patches didn't go to Kenya's, as she lives in Cut-N-Shoot, TX, where they had the baseball size hail, yesterday. That broke all Kenya's windows on the west side of her house, rent house, barn and kennel. Patches seems to have had a good night, and is so loving and friendly. But I had to move her as I knew I would have two of Mindi's poodles in the Grooming Room today.

Now that it isn't raining, Ray and I got the rest of the screws out of the Mirage's roof AC shroud, and got it down the ladder. But we didn't work on it today, as I had to get Mindi's dogs done. So Ray painted the inside of the Mirage cabinet.

Boy, Oh, Boy, Mime does NOT like dogs! Each time the dogs went through the Middle Room to the Grooming Room, she had a fit. She was spitting, growling and trying her best to claw at them through the bars of her cage. Now that the dogs have gone, Mime is loose in the two rooms. Patches must be kept quiet, caged, and mustn't jump up or down on anything, but she seems to be quite happy laying around, eating, drinking, sleeping and watching TV.

Here they are, before and after.
These poodles live on a horse ranch so they are kept shorter than 'town' dogs.

Tonight it is supposed to be down to 34 deg., so I have the heaters on today.

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