Sunday, March 8, 2009

Today Made Up For Yesterday, Busy!

Another 'tank-top and windows open' day. Bobcat was out on her porch early. But not as early as she thought, with the clock change!
Then this is what got done:
1) Mandy, the Chihuahua's real owner was at Jay's, and wanted to visit with her for the day, so I took her down there.
2) I changed the clocks that I could reach, and when Ray came he got on a ladder and changed the rest for me. I never did figure out how to change the truck clock, so now it is right!
3) Ray also helped me put my electric mattress pad away, up in the top of the linen cupboard.
4) Then we loaded 4 big 16.5" tires in my truck. As I always say, "Everything sells eventually", and I was going to meet a man who wanted to buy them, this afternoon.
5) This meant we could move some stuff around in my RVport, and make more room.
6) We went into my "Plastic & Formica Dept.", up over the guest house, and found some material that would make floors in two dog cages that have the pans missing. Got them cut, and started to paint one of the cages, until we ran out of paint.
7) Got some Butcher Block Formica out of that same dept., and cut a piece for the Mirage table. Got it and the table all slathered up with Contact Cement, and had to wait until it dried.
8) While we were waiting for that, we went onto my porch and made up a better watering system for watering the plants out there. It has a quick connect onto the porch sink faucet, and enough hose to reach all the plants, with a sprayer on the end that I can switch to Mist, Stream, Spray, etc.
9) Back into the workshop, I already had some dowel rods ready to lay across the tabletop, and we laid the Formica exactly in position on one end, then as we smoothed it along, I was pulling out the dowel rods. Boy, that contact cement means what it says, and when it makes contact it is stuck for good, so that is why I don't let the two glued up surfaces touch each other until we are good and ready. Placed some heavy blocks on it, and will router it later.
10) Stopped for lunch, then I realized that I didn't have much time before I had to leave to meet the tire man. I called him, and he had had a busy morning, so he wanted to take a nap, and so did I! So he said he would call me. I figured that if he did, he was serious about the tires.
11) We live about 60 miles apart, so I was going to meet him half-way near Cleveland, (TX), so when he called, I left pretty quickly. I cut across the country roads, and met him on time. He bought the tires, and paid for my trip.
12) I stopped at Security Flea Market on the way home, and everyone was packing up for the weekend. I happened to see 2 light weight upright vacuum cleaners that this vendor hadn't packed up yet, and asked how much. He said $10 each. He plugged the blue one in, and the brush roller didn't turn. But it did on the yellow one. I asked him how much for the pair and he said $10. So I got them both.
13) A quick stop at a Dollar General out there, before I cut across country again.
14) Picked up Mandy from Jay's. Bought her home and fed all the animals their dinner.
15) I got the model # off the blue vacuum and looked for a belt for it, online. Then I plugged it in, and found out that the vendor hadn't turn it on all the way, and had it just at the "hose" setting, so the roller is working.
16) Now it is time for me to get something to eat.

Too late to cook. Just going to warm up something from yesterday.

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