Thursday, March 5, 2009

Getting Mirage Table Ready. Butane Stove.

Hooray! Tank-top and windows open again. Ray and I worked with the big doors open in the workshop.

I had bought an upright vacuum cleaner on sale at WalMart. Jay had put it together for me, and said it was great, as it was self-propelled. That put an alarm in my head for a start, as it is like a self-propelled lawn mower, as the back stroke is fighting the forward self-propelling. I tried it out, and I couldn't believe how heavy, and awkward that thing was. Ray got the box that it came in, disassembled the vacuum, and we tried to get it back in the box. That is like trying to get 10lb of sugar in a 5lb bag! We finally made it, but had Styrofoam left over.

The Mirage might be gone, but we still have things here that we can do. The table that we made, needed to be finished. Ray sanded the bottom and the radius corners smooth, then painted the bottom of it. I found some paint in the shed just about the color of the cabinets in the Mirage. The top will be Butcher Block Formica, as will the top of the cabinet that we are making. Maybe we can get the table finished tomorrow. The top to the cabinet isn't cut to size yet, but we can get it sanded.

We also tried out my little butane, no, not propane, cook stove, like Jenny's. This is the kind that chefs use at your table. I had bought it at a thrift shop some months ago, and thought that it would be easy to get the little butane canisters. During Ike, we found that they are not easily obtained. I had our local RV store order one so I could try out the stove, and it worked great. Since then I have found a good place to buy 12 of them online, ($2.47 each with shipping), quite a bit cheaper than having Convenience RV, up the road, order them for me as I need them.

Spent the afternoon looking for a light weight Oreck vacuum, and some RV items.

Didn't even hear from the mechanic today.

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