Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mirage Work. Then New Liver for Jay's Mom.

Another cold day, but with light coats on, Ray and I were able to to a bit more to the Mirage. We had made a cardboard template for the cabinet top, got the top cut and the right size Formica ready. We cut some 1x2's for the framework that holds it up, and for the little divider. We couldn't finish it, as I found out, online, that the brand of storage drawers that I was using, don't come in the one more size that I needed. So I will have to look for another brand.

This is the top and bottom of the table we made for the dinette. I had bought the pedastal pole for the table yesterday, so we were able to put the pole in the floor hole and line it up to the table, between the dinette benches. I know it looks off center, but that is the way the original one was, so they must have had a reason. I think that it is so that you can pivot the table out of the way if you had to get from the cab to the back.

Ray primed the aluminum pole holders with the green aluminum primer, and then painted them.

As we couldn't install the table right now, we looked at the cupboard where the inverter is, next to the 110v. fridge. It was turned so that you couldn't even get to the outlets on it. I found this little ventilated shelf that gets it out of the way of the regular outlet where the fridge plugs in, and enables it to turn to get to the ones on the inverter. Then it started to rain, so we quit for the day.

This afternoon I got a call from Jay's mother, Claudia, they have a liver for her. She is excited and ever so scared. So I will be taking care of MaeMae for a week while she is in the hospital. I am so grateful to the folks that donated this liver, how wonderful of them. My heartfelt thank you to all organ donors. It makes such a difference to those waiting for a new lease on life.
The Lord works in mysterious ways..... he knew I would be needed here, and hadn't let me go to Kerrville.

Please pray for Claudia, she has the surgery today.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you didn't get to go to Kerrville, but you are doing a wonderful thing...helping so many people.

Sandra said...

All the best to Claudia and may she recover quickly.

Does that mean you're not going to Kerrville at all? Bummer!

LakeConroePenny,TX said...

Sandra, I have missed most of the great RV-Dreamers, anyway.
There are still a few folks there that I would like to meet, but maybe another time.
It depends how long Claudia is in the hospital, and how well she feels when she gets home. Someone has to take care of MaeMae. She feels at home here, as she was my late DH's little dog.
Thank you for your good wishes for Claudia.
Happy Trails to Y'all, Penny.