Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Raking. Reorganizing. Rain. Reviews.

The day started out warm, but cooled down to rain. That got rid of the muggy feeling in the air that we have had for the last few days..

Ray and I got a few things done before the rains came. We both raked up what we could of the pine needles that the recent winds had blown out of the trees. Piles had accumulated in different places, so we got them cleaned them up, before they got all wet and heavy.
We also got the larger of the two dog cages for which we had made a floor, into the grooming room. It is a little smaller than my German Shepherd one, which we folded up and put away, so it will take up less space. I would fold this one up and put it away, too, but the way things are going around here, it seems that I am often having to house an
animal unexpectedly.

Ray had to leave early, so I spent some time trying to find out which would be the perfect vacuum for me. As soon as I would find one, read the reviews, I would become more confused. Some would say that it was marvellous, then the next person would say that it was no good. So, no decisions yet.

It rained hard for a while, I was so glad as the yard and outside
aloe need it.

So I just did laundry and cleaning for the rest of the day.

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Gypsy said...

I am about ready to quit reading reviews. The same thing has happened when I check them for printers - it's either love or hate! Good luck on finding a vacuum you like.