Monday, March 16, 2009

New Liver Was No Good. Shopping On a Sunny Day.

It started out chilly and foggy. Ray and Shay were going to go all the way south of Houston to work on a relative's fence, so Bobcat, MaeMae and I amused ourselves. They slept, while I searched online for the right size containers for the little cabinet in the Mirage. I also tried out a couple of 4-cup coffee makers I have, to see which one to put in the Mirage.

About 10.30AM Claudia called, and said the liver transplant place had called late yesterday afternoon to say that she should hold off leaving, as they were having a problem with the new liver. They tested it, and it didn't work. They had another one that they were testing. She and her neighbor waited around on tenterhooks until 11.30 at night. Then they heard that the second one didn't work either. So she didn't have to go down there, yet. But she is obviously next in line, so she is keeping her bag packed and close to home. She does wear one of their pagers, so they can alert her in case she does have to go somewhere. So I took MaeMae back down to her, but I have to be ready to take care of MaeMae, at a moment's notice.

After lunch, it had really warmed up. I went into the next town to WalMart, and it was packed. They had a drawer cabinet the right width for what I need. I bought that, and the vacuum that I have been looking for, too.

I am also looking for some kind of heavy duty storage box that I can affix to the back step. I don't want to have wet hoses, propane and butane canisters, etc. inside the Mirage with me. So I also went to Lowes, and got a good idea there, but didn't buy it yet.
Then I made the mistake of going grocery shopping when hungry, and bought a whole bunch of meat, veges, and things on sale. Everywhere in town had a shortage of parking spaces. I had to run the AC in the truck on the way home. Can Spring be far behind?

Another " I should have worn my pedometer" day.

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