Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fixing an Old Repair.

Another coat day. Gee, where did the tank-top days go?

Jay wasn't going to be here again, he said that he had someone helping him put in his bathroom tile! Knowing who that person is, I think that they are up to no good!
Jay got hold of some money yesterday, so it was expected.

Ray came over and we started going over the rear of the Mirage. There was a place where someone had done a horrible job of fiber glassing, just above the step.
Here is Ray grinding it down smooth.
He really needed to get the big door open to fix this properly, but when we tried to open the big door, the one that lifts upwards, it wouldn't open. When someone had redone the inside they had glued the wall carpet over the door opening. I wasn't going to cut the carpet to open the door, and make a place for drafts. So I will make do with just the regular door, and an imperfect repair. This is just a camper anyway, and can't take the place of what I call a 'real motorhome'.

I tried out the plastic drawers that I had bought yesterday. Then I tried out the wooden ones that I have, but they are too deep and would have to have a couple of inches taken off the back. That is no real biggie, but the plastic ones would hold more, and be lighter. I ratted around and found some material that could be used for making doors for the front of the cabinet. I have so much building material, that this place is like a store.

I took care of MaeMae this afternoon, as Jay's mother didn't want Jay to get hold of her, considering who he had at his house next door to her. She can't go casino gambling anymore, as she has to stay within an hour of the hospital, in case a suitable liver is donated. She and her neighbor went to a local Bingo place, instead. MaeMae was quite happy here, and ate her dinner with gusto. I can't get Jay to understand that he can't keep an open can of dog food in the fridge for a week, and still expect her to eat it. But you offer Jay something that has been in the fridge for two days, and he won't touch it.

A windy, chilly day.

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