Friday, March 27, 2009

Whew! I had a Day and a Half Today. Moen Faucet!!

I woke up at 5.00AM, and I was going to turn over and hopefully go back sleep for a bit, when I realized that I had this 'life or death' decision to make. Should I let Rahni go to Animal Control or should I invest time and money taking her to Tomball, to get spayed?

I fed Mime and Bobcat, and as I was holding Rahni she put her little face next to mine and purred. Then I knew that she would make someone a wonderful loving pet, so I knew that I had to save her for them.

I waited until it was just daybreak to leave. It was very foggy and rainy on the 80+ miles round trip to Tomball, and lots of traffic. Rahni got renamed during the trip as she didn't act like an Indian Princess at all !! She was yowling some of the time, and trying to dig her way out of the carrier.

To be fair, here is a cat that had never had any real care, love, regular food, lived indoors, been crated, and certainly hadn't been in a vehicle, so I renamed her "Patches". I got back home just after 9.00AM. I would have to make the 80+ mile trip again, to pick her up later that day.

Ray was working on the Mirage, but I had something more important for him to do. The dog room bathtub faucet was dripping, and it was getting worse. We tried to take it apart, and it wouldn't. We looked up Moen, and there were no instructions how to get the cartridge out. So we called their Customer Support, and their recording said that the wait time was over TWO HOURS to talk to a rep.

I drove to the hardware store in town with a picture from Moen's site of the innards of my faucet, and they had a $20 tool for taking a Moen apart. Then the cartridge was about another $26 + tax. So I just bought another non-Moen faucet. Then came the task of installing it. The silly contractors that finished the house for us had some really weird ways. They had installed lumber behind the faucet that couldn't just be unscrewed, it had to be 'sawzalled' out. They had put the escutcheon plate on with Liquid Nails, so that nearly tore up the tub surround. Thank goodness I had the PVC and CPVC couplings here to put the pipes all back together.

I was really tired by then, and I just wanted to lie down before I fell down. Neither Ray nor I had had any lunch, so we didn't turn my water back on yet. I took a really needed short nap, then got back on the road to get Patches in rainy Friday night traffic. Two accidents southbound had traffic backed up for miles, twice. I finally got to the Vet and had to wait my turn to pick up Patches. She was still all doped up, so she just settled in her carrier, and enjoyed the trip back.

There was one more accident coming northbound, surprisingly the traffic wasn't too bad, but I still didn't get home until 700PM. We turned the water back on, and Hurray! No Leaks.

We had moved her cage where I can keep an eye on Patches to make sure she doesn't chew on her stitches as I write. Now, she is so loving, and wants to be petted all the time. Poor little thing, she was too young and skinny to have been able to safely bear and nurture her four babies.

EVERY LITTER BIT HURTS. So I stopped 1,600,000 homeless kittens, (yes, one million six hundred) from being born over the next ten years, today.

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Leno said...

Amazing Penny, you really do know how to do everything..