Monday, March 2, 2009

March Lion. Gee, It was Cold. More Cleaning.

There is an old saying: "If March comes in like a lion, it will go out like a lamb", so I guess Spring will come this month, 'cos March sure came in like a roaring windy lion.
When I opened the blinds to the patio door that leads to the enclosed porch this morning, turned on the light to see the temperature, it was 40 deg. out there. Then it came on the news that it was 27 deg. here. I couldn't believe that we had slipped back into below freezing weather. Yesterday, I was about to undo the covers on the trough of aloe, I am glad I didn't.

That presented a problem, as Bobcat couldn't go out on her porch until later. Snack cries and cries to come into the house, out of the dog room, every morning. But then she jumps on Bobcat, and Bobcat is upset. I am having to keep them apart, which isn't always easy. Snack needs to find her 'forever' home soon, she is getting too territorial in Bobcat's territory.

Jay stopped by at 7.15 am to tell me he wouldn't be working today. Ray arrived about 8.30, and donned in sweaters and coats, we started more clean-up on the Mirage. He couldn't put the last coat of paint on the step as we were expecting Jim, the mechanic, to come to look at the clearance light situation. There is still something wrong. We haven't re-installed the panel that covers the inside of the ones over the cab, yet.

Jim came, and wanted to take it to his place, as it didn't seem like it was a quick fix. The marker lights work when the motor is running, but not when off. He couldn't say how long he would have it, so that was postponed until it comes back from M&P, the front-end shop, as that is booked for Wednesday. This front-end shop is also a full mechanic service, and I am hoping that they will be able to fix 5th. gear, too. So there is no telling how long it will be there, but I have been going there for 20+ years, and they are thorough, honest, and fast.

Ray and I were trying to get the black streaks off with "generic rubbing compound", (Comet) and it worked. Real Rubbing Compound didn't! We tried that Black Streak Cleaner once, and weren't impressed. The gel coat is already messed up, but it comes back up shiny with Gel-Gloss. So that is what we will be doing tomorrow, ready for it's trip to the next town.

It turned into a 70 deg. day.

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