Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mirage AC Shroud. 34-74 degrees! Earth Hour.

I didn't shut off my lights for "Earth Hour" last night. I think that the cutting down on eating hamburgers, and the methane gas that "beef on the hoof" produces, would do more for the Earth. Healthier too, that has been proven.

I thought that maybe it was a misprint, that we would have 34 deg. last night, as on the TV Guide for our cable channels, it said 54. But no, it really got down to 34 in the night, but started to warm up quickly at dawn.

When Ray arrived, and the first thing we did was to bend the bent door on Patches' cage. Again, temporarily she was put in a dog kennel, while we stood the cage on it's end and bent the door over a piece of 2x4, so now it is easier to open and close. She likes her cage, I guess it is because it is so open, she just doesn't like being in carriers.

Next was to address the broken AC shroud, which we had taken off yesterday. We needed to get it back on there, in case it rained. We went up in my storage, as I knew I had two old shrouds up there, and thought maybe we could piece the broken one together with parts from one of the others. One was an absolute fit, so no piecing was necessary. We did strengthen the corners where there were slight cracks with some thin metal strap and rivets, and put Eternabond on the inside. I drilled tiny holes at the ends of the cracks so that they wouldn't get bigger. The first thing that was very obvious was that the broken one was so light, brittle, and made of very skimpy material. The one I had is a lot stronger.

There were acorns and dirt dobber nests in the AC, so the little Shark sucked them up in a hurry.

Here it is installed. Some of the screw holes didn't quite line up, but some self-tapping screws fixed that. One more thing we did was to hold a board on top of the highest part of the AC cantilevered over the edge, and measured to the ground. That measurement will be taped to the dash. Maybe it will save the "new" shroud.

We also got some old fiberglass and cut a 4"circle, coffee can size, to put under the carpet where the table pole goes, as it was open to the world through the floor of the Mirage. We used fiberglass, as that is what is under the bottom of the Mirage. It needed to be weatherproof when driving in the rain. We stuck it down with marine Goop, and put a heavy block on it.

Thought prevoking quote:
"The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money ... "
Margaret Thatcher.

Now it is a lovely sunny 74 deg. day.

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