Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mirage Cabinet. Water Tank. Poppy Seed Cookies.

First thing, Ray and I unpacked my Puddle Jumper wagon, which was loaded to the roof with a neighbor's yard sale remnants. We took the boxes and clothes up to my "Yard Sale Dept.", over the store room, and hung the clothes on the rod up there. I didn't have time to go through the stuff, but I will when Yard Sale time comes, and donate most of it. One thing I washed and kept for myself was a comforter and pillow shams just the right color for the Mirage.

Ray re-bondo-ed some places on the Mirage hood, and did some more cleaning on the outside, while Jay and I worked on piecing together all the little parts for this cabinet. This is just a dry run of it, as part of the counter-top will have a piano hinge at the back to lift up to use the toilet. That will cover up the window! There is door-curtain that goes around this little area, so it will be private.
What you can't see is that there is a place cut out at the back of the middle wall, so that you can store stuff behind that plastic chest of drawers. It might come in handy for extra rolls of TP, or whatever. I use every inch of an RV! Then Jay's friend came to pick him up.

Ray and I put my 10 gallon tank in there under the dinette bench to see how it would all fit, and hook up. I went with my small tank, instead of buying a larger one, as there is an access panel to something under that floor, so it will be easier to empty and move a smaller tank, if needed. We traced it's position on the carpet with a black marker, and if we can make the plumbing flexible enough, one should be able to pick up the front of the tank to get to that access. If not, we will just have to have quick-connects. This is the closest place to the kitchen, so it had to go there.

Yesterday, I had started to make Solo Hamantaschen Cookies. They are made with Poppy Seed Filling. The recipe was inside the label of the can. As the dough had to be divided and refrigerated, that's as far as I got. Today, I finished them. I couldn't follow the recipe as I didn't have the ingredients that they listed. I don't have any All Purpose white flour, only wheat flour; I don't have any white sugar, only brown; or butter, just Smart Balance; I didn't have any milk, only Fat Free Half-N-Half. But they still turned out nummy for anyone who loves poppy seeds. But I did find out later that they are better when made with Wondra Flour, but I don't have much in refined white things, so I didn't have enough. I do keep a little bit of it around for the rare times that I make gravy, though. My late DH loved Poppy Seed Cake, but I thought I would make cookies, instead, a rare occasion around here.

So that was just about it for this lovely, sunny day.

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