Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sink Out. Then got a Minivan.

This morning I went to pick up Jay, as he said he wanted to work today, but the way he looked, I didn't want him working today. So Ray and I unhooked the gas cook top in the TranStar, and unscrewed the counter top so that we could tilt it up to get the sink clips undone, to get the sink out. Ray only had an hour before he had to pick up Shay, and go to the doctor, so we didn't get much more done.

With Ray gone I tried to get one more thing off the list. Bobcat hasn't wanted to go out on her porch, and I think it is too stuffy out there. So I took down two panels of the sheet vinyl that we put up to make it cosy for the plants this winter. Then she went out there. As I watered the plants on the porch I noticed that my one flowering aloe has a great big long stalk with blossoms on it. Golly, it sure shot up suddenly. The hedge out back is making leaves, also my little Red Maple out front. So Spring must have really sprung.

"Mime", the cat with half orange and half black face, is coming back tomorrow. She is now spayed, vaccinated, tested negative for FIV and Feline Leukemia. They found out when they spayed her that she was at the beginning of a pregnancy.

There is a pretty little calico pregnant cat hanging around here, causing trouble by stealing Blackie and Orange Glow's food. So we are going to catch her, and see what we can do for her. I spent some time getting the cat cages ready in the Middle Room for the two cats.

I heard that Snack, the one that was so finicky about eating, is really settling down in her new forever home. Kenya had found exactly the right home for her. She is always careful to place the adoptable pets in suitable homes. Some are not adoptable, so they just get really good care for the rest of their days.

I bought a used Ford AeroStar minivan last night, it was 25 miles north on I-45 in Huntsville, TX. Ray and I went to pick it up. I had transferred the insurance off my faithful little old Puddle Jumper. So now I will put it, and the truck up for sale. I have never had a minivan before, it is a little higher to get into than my Dakota truck, but it drove nicely from Huntsville. We will see how it works out for a daily driver to take the place of the other two. I really like my Dakota truck, but only two doors were a pain, and everybody wanted me to haul stuff in it.

After sun and nice weather, it has turned into a rainy, thundery, stormy day.

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