Monday, March 30, 2009

Mirage Cord, & Fixed Dog Carrier.

It wasn't so chilly last night, but we didn't get back to tank top weather today.

When Ray arrived, we did several odd jobs. We knew when we sliced the 30 amp cord end to the Mirage, that we would have to make the hole bigger where cord goes through into the rig. This is a different set up from what I have seen before, this one is metal, and the way it was made, there was no drilling the hole bigger. Ray took the main wires out of the breaker box, as we were going to have to make a new plate with the bigger cord hole in it, that screws onto the inside of metal box. We cut one out of fiberglass. Then we will thread the RV cord through the new hole, and fasten it all back in place.

While we had all tools out for cutting fiberglass, and had the big dog carrier to fix too, we worked on that. When Snack was in it, she was quiet and loved it as her sanctuary. But the first night that Patches was in it, she tore apart the old repair that Jay had made with some flashing, trying to dig her way out. She even got a tiny cut on her paw. That is why I put another open cage in there, the one we had painted and made a floor for, last week. Patches is so happy in it. She still isn't allowed loose, in case she jumps up or down and hurts her surgery, but she is quite content.

I will have no use for this big dog carrier in the Middle Room any more, but it still needed to be fixed, as I have someone who wants to buy it. We cut a piece of fiberglass the exact shape of the corner, filed all the edges and corners smooth, and pop riveted it in place. No animal will get hurt on our repair.

After lunch I drove to the next town, bought a rubber grommet to fit the hole in the fiberglass where the Mirage cord will go through, and finally found some shrink tape large enough to go over the splice in the cord. I had to do this, while the cord was disconnected from the breaker box, so that we can get it all back together tomorrow.

I stopped at Krogers to get a couple of things, but they had such great things on sale in their clearance area, that I still haven't got it all out of the truck. Such as 14 lb jugs of scoopable cat litter for $2.19 each, I bought all they had! Those jugs, when sanitized, make good RV water carriers, too. Also 3 lb jugs of organic brown sugar, I bought a lot of them, too, as I use brown sugar instead of refined white.

A bargain day.

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