Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mirage Here. More Rain. Snack Adopted.

I wished I had one of these "complete umbrellas" today, but I think it would be kind of awkward getting in and out of the truck.

It wasn't raining this morning, so Ray and I left here before 9.00AM to pick up the Mirage from the transmission shop. Golly, you can't even hear the motor when it is in 5th gear. It just perks right along. But I did notice the battery light on ever so dimly, the same as before I bought the new battery. Hmm! Have to have that checked.

I loaded a few things in it, and we made a cardboard template for the cabinet top. I didn't have time to do much else, as I had to leave for The Woodlands Petco. Ray caulked the top windows with Dicor and started to polish the hood while I was gone, but then it started raining.

Our SPCA was having Adoption Day in The Woodlands,TX today. I took Snack and Mime to hand them over to Kenya while I am away in Kerrville. I gave Mime that name, I should have taken a photo. She is a tortoiseshell short hair, and one side of her face is orange and the other is black, with a straight division right down the middle of her face. Looks just a clown or mime.

I had to stop at the RV store on the south side of Conroe and they close at noon on Saturdays. So I got to Petco early. I took the cats in their carriers in a shopping cart, for a stroll around the store. They saw the pet mice, birds, fish, etc.
Once Kenya and the other volunteers got there, we all started setting up the cages. There were just three cats on display, and 6 dogs. The other cat was a white one, "Mokey", with only three legs. The dogs were all fairly large, except for one Min-Pin. There were four sets of prospective 'parents' waiting to see dogs, so Kenya was really busy taking each family into the adoption room, so that they could meet the dog that they wanted to see. Some already had approved applications so they could take their new dog with them.

A lady was coming from Huntsville, TX to see Snack. She had read about her on our site: That stands for SPCA of Montgomery County. She is an older lady, lives alone, no other animals in a little house, and she seems like the ideal new "mom" for Snack. She knows that getting Snack to come out of her shell will be a challenge. I got Snack out of the cage, held her like I usually do, so that she would calm down, and then I let the lady hold her. I did keep a hand on her though, because it would be awful if she got loose in the store, and we weren't in the adoption room. Snack gets 'clingy' when she is scared, and so I cut her nails, right there, so the lady could see that she is easy to handle. But Kenya has to do the actual adoptions, and I had already been there 2 hours, so I had to leave.

It rained hard all the way home, and I didn't even get a bite to eat until 3.00PM today.

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Joe and Sherri said...

Penny...Sherri and I missed you and sure wanted to meet you. Hope you get to head that way...we are back in Carrollton now but I bet we will have the chance to spin by and see you next year.

Joe and Sherri