Saturday, February 28, 2009

Groomed Mikey. Went to Town.

It was a lot colder today, and windy. I had to turn the heat on a little bit. Bobcat didn't want to go out on the porch. Snack has become very bold, and picks on Bobcat, so I try to keep them separated now. I just let Snack in the house when Bobbiecat is on the porch. I had to keep Snack locked up in her big dog carrier for the first time for ages, while I was grooming Mikey.

Jay was going shopping with his mother. Ray came over early, and now that I have my little Puddle Jumper "doggie" car back, I went to get Mikey. I have a special towel covered back seat in it, for dogs with dirty feet. I just don't like to transport dogs up in the front seat of the truck with me. Mikey, 25lb Miniature White Poodle, took a long time to do, as it has been a quite a while since I groomed him. Partly, because of the long winter we have had, and Sam likes to keep him cut short as Mikey loves to roll in the dirt. Partly, because I just haven't had the time.

Ray worked on the back step of the Mirage today, as there wasn't going to be anybody going in and out of it. The bolts that hold it on to the frame are still masked off, as it got too windy to paint more than one coat. The outside of the door still needs cleaning up, but he did around the inside of door today.

Jay had to go into the next town to pay a bill, and even though I was worn out from grooming 'wiggle wort' Mikey, I took him so that I could get a few things, too. His mother was worn out from grocery shopping this morning. I was looking for something a bit narrower for the storage part of the little cabinet we are making in the Mirage. I found some plastic drawers at Dollar General, but I might use some wooden drawers that I already have, even though they will be heavier. That way I would only have to put one door on on it.

I called Billy, Mindi's husband, to tell him that I had finally got Mikey groomed, so some of Mindi's poodles were next. Now they have got a Yorkie puppy, too, so that means nine dogs in the house!
Maybe he needs a dog shelf, to keep them in!!

I couldn't stand 9 dogs in my house! If I have Mindi's here, they stay in my grooming room most of the time. I had five dogs in the house once, so I had five dog beds all in a row, and that is where they had to stay. I finally got them narrowed down to one.

Billy made me laugh, as he is having to take care of all the animals, and the nearly 2-year old people baby, Noah, that they adopted. He said he can't just run to the store anymore, as he has to dress the baby, get the car seat just right, and all that. He said he hasn't had time to do much cleaning or laundry, either.
I told him, now he knows that "woman's work is never done".

Good thing they didn't adopt twins!

A busy, windy, cooler day.

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